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The Christmas Treasure

This mysterious and delightful Christmas story will delight the whole family. It’s a book you will want to read over and over.

holly 200pxThe Christmas Story Untold

On the day after Thanksgiving, a boy named Michael  will discover something in his attic while searching for Christmas decorations. Along with his best friend, Bobby and his sister Janet, Michael’s amazing discovery will lead them into a mysterious journey filled with thrills and suspense taking them far beyond their wildest dreams. The Christmas Treasure is an enchanting tale made for those who are young at heart and in love with Yule Tide Season.

A warm-hearted story for all ages

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About the author

Author Joe Gambaro was born on January 27,1959 in Brooklyn New York. The Christmas Treasure is based on a childhood experience of adventurous fun and in later years drew a connection to the wonders of the Christmas Holiday Season. It is a story about three children who collide with the adult world in a mysterious place. They will experience thrills and danger in a ghostly atmosphere along with heart – warming scenes that enhance the soul during the Yule Tide Season.